When God sighs – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 21

The story of the man being healed in Mark shows us an interesting angle on the feelings God has for His people. When Christ came from Heaven to become flesh and walk with us, He knew that He was dealing with a sinful people. The deaf and mute in this reading aren’t in the condition because God didn’t have control over their health or situation. It’s clear that God does have to allow satan to bring some evil into the world, allowing for free will and dependence rather than forcing us all to follow His will in our lives. So what does Christ do when He sees those who are sick that need help? He sighs.

It is really strange to think of God, the Son, sighing in this situation. Like Max points out in the book, God didn’t create the world for there to be as many deaf, mute, and sick people as possible. He has passion and a care for us when He sees what satan has done with this world, and He is looking forward to the day when things return to the way He intended for them to be. I’m thankful that He cares enough to sigh for each of us, since every one of us needs a different type of care than others. He knows where we hurt and is capable of (and has) turned things around for the better in our lives.

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