Walk this way. Talk this way.

I’ve really started reading a few more blogs since starting to blog more frequently myself. That’s been a good thing, but maybe not a healthy thing. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers who are more focused on their message. Sure, they care that people comment so they can seem like they are doing a great job at blogging. It’s tempting to just post on things that you’re really good at. If blogging’s like life, is that really what we should be doing? Not for a second. Maybe you and I should look at blogging like we do with technology. If the technologies are gone tomorrow, how would we function? If our blog or website is gone tomorrow, would we have a friendship that could go on?

friendswalkingSort of like taking a walk on the beach I guess! What if you and I were taking a nice walk together. Definitely creating a memory to remember, but actually having a discussion and sharing thoughts. I’m guessing that if the walk only consisted of me talking about all of my concerns that you would probably prefer taking the next walk with someone else! It takes two to make a thing go right, isn’t that it? What this makes me realize is that I might need to unsubscribe from a few blogs. Sure, there are a handful that I’ll still read from individuals that never communicate with me. Mostly because I know God wants us each to continue to learn. But He also wants us to draw a line in the sand with how much we are consuming compared to how much we are sharing.

A few of you will probably see me actually return the favor and comment / subscribe to your blogs as a result. I apologize for not doing that in the first place. And a few of you might not hear from me as often. I’m almost certain you won’t even notice, but if so, may that be a challenge for you to stop worrying about being an expert or a social bug. My wife’s a few steps ahead of me on this adventure to build real relationships, and God’s been proven to make that work and also build her up (and humble her) at the same time. I’m going to be brief at the end of each post and share a personal request and a praise. We’ll give that a shot, hopefully letting you hear specifics from me personally without taking too much of your reading time! Definitely let me know if I can pray for you, and feel free to post your blog address in the comments so that I can open my ears and listen to you as we walk on the beach!

PRAYING for a group of friends that are joining me on the largest project I have ever undertaken. Details coming soon! PRAISING God as He continues to provide work as I serve ministries across the world with web and graphic design services.

  1. Hey man,
    Interacting and engaging – it's a two way process.
    Nothing more satisfying (in blogging) than to see people engaging in what you have written thru comments back and forth – well for me that is 🙂 Gives you the sense that people are interesting in what you have to say

    • Definitely a two way, and wish I would have been doing both more frequently in the past. Glad to see you've been blogging pretty consistently since starting in May!

  2. That's good stuff Gabe. I'm trying to focus more on engaging and a little less consumption. On the web, it's real easy to just kinda hide out and consume and not engage. Well, you can do that other places to I guess. I have dropped a few subscriptions lately. You do have to draw the line somewhere.

    • Trying to get a friend to start blogging. He believe he has little to offer or nobody would care to read it. That's a problem that results from our culture. The "you have to have 1,000 readers to make an impact" rule. Definitely false. I'm eager to see more people start entering the conversations. Just dropped five subscriptions myself this morning.

    • Almost too early on a Monday morning to be on it, but I guess God wants to get this week going soon, lol. Welcome to Twitter!

  3. Nathan Edwards

    Nice thoughts Gabe.

    It does get boring when you are talking to yourself. Something we gotta think about when writing our blogs

    • Definitely does get boring, but the pride factor seems to be the root of it all right? You bring up a very good point! I definitely need to be thinking of those that spend time reading this while writing each post. More importantly, I need to be thinking of God and not let me get in the way.

      • Interesting point. Yes I guess, as with most things it comes down to Pride. But remember we don't write just what the people who are reading want to hear, that waters down any message… but we write for the readers.

        • This is where watching your stats actually does good I guess. If people are interested in what you are saying, maybe come back to it. This combined with actual interaction through commenting and visiting each other's blogs definitely should lead to good things. Thanks Nathan!

  4. I have been struggling w/blogging myself. I think I'm too ADD. I did it pretty consistently for a while but now I feel like there are better ways to spend my time and people can contribute to the conversation w/o blogging via whatever social net they are involved in. I kinda feel like your friend does as well so there are multiple things keeping me from it so I wonder if it's something I am supposed to be doing. We shall see I guess.

    • Definitely something to keep thinking about. Props to you for being honest about it and willing to at least think about it. Two big reasons I'd suggest considering it more would be 1) to have something your kids can go back and read as they grow older / when we're no longer arond and 2) to use it as more of a journal or place to keep thoughts moving. You're a good man if you do or don't blog, that's for sure!

  5. Good thoughts Gabe! I just started following your blog and this is the first time I have commented.:) Creating dialogue and community is what blogging and reading blogs is all about for me. I confess that sometimes I don't take the time to respond but your words have inspired me to change that!

  6. Good thoughts Gabe! I just started following your blog and this is the first time I have commented.:) Creating dialogue and community is what blogging and reading blogs is all about for me. I confess that sometimes I don't take the time to respond but your words have inspired me to change that!

  7. Thanks Kevin! Being in a dialogue on every post can be pretty exhausting, so don't feel like you have have to comment on all blogs on every day. I'm sure God will allow your voice to be heard at the right moments and in the right places! Glad to connect with ya.

  8. Phillip Gibb

    One reader that finds Christ because of your blog whether engaging or not is better that 1000 dedicated readers who are there because there are 1000 dedicated readers. But I am sure 99% of people who blog, including me, would love 1000 readers 😉

  9. This is great grist for my mill, I must say. I'm consulting for an established ministry resource company (http://www.ctainc.com) that was using only 20th century marketing and PR to reach the pastors, teachers and planners of Christendom. Being a traditional catalog/mail order retailer, their website was created as an afterthought that never received the right combination of technology and community building.

    I was brought in to fix things and one of my first efforts was to create a companion site (http://share.ctainc.com) that is designed to get us talking about our products and services, getting our customers to talk to us, and getting our customers to talk to each other. We’re just a few weeks old, but via blogs like yours, I’m learning valuable stuff.

    Thanks for your perspective on building relationships and having genuine conversations. Thank you for that valuable insight.

  10. Phillip Gibb

    shot Gabe for visiting my blog and leaving a comment

    you rock


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