Victory Rags – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 38

Christ’s resurrection from the tomb wasn’t a struggle. Sometimes I know I haven’t stopped to realize the power of the resurrection moment itself. To realize that the clothing that Christ was buried in (John 20:3-9) were left as they were and not ripped or destroyed! One of the disciples realized that Christ’s resurrection was needed for salvation, and instantly believed. Imagine being a part of that party? To think how much some of us would enjoy just one more day with a loved one that has passed. And then to think of knowing that that is a possibility because of this event? There will come a time when we will meet the Lord – only as a result of His victory over our the cross and the rags soaked with the blood of our sins. People dance in the endzones when they score touchdowns…..but many will be dancing on that day. We’re all invited, but who’s going to show up?

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