Unbelievable betrayal – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 27

Imagine a group of 200 soldiers (John 18:3) coming to arrest you, and all of your closest friends or even those that follow you and think the highest of you leave you in the dust. When I first read back through the story of Christ’s arrest today I learned something new, He wasn’t just betrayed by one person. All of his disciples kept silent and left Him to be taken to the cross.

We’re not much different, are we? We stand strong for lots of things – raising our children, our job, our house, our family, etc. But we bail out when Christ wants us to stand with Him the most. In times when people are eager to destroy His name and humiliate those that follow Him. Only He could have looked through all of this and saw that we needed Him in the midst of our insanity. He understood that we are full of sin and He had to leave us and go to death to free us. I’m sure He could have checked out on us or miraculously done something, but……He didn’t.

  1. pretty humbling…isn’t it….  sometimes HE puts us in situations to see, will we take the easy way out or….will we obey HIS FATHER…like we did !

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