Two Thieves – Two Choices – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 33

The story of the cross is a richer one when we step back and see the crosses on both sides of Christ. I never really thought about it, but I’m sure there Christ could have died alone on the hill. The reason He didn’t is what brings us closer to the cross. Close enough that we can see ourselves hanging beside him on either cross. But which cross would we be on? A cross where all of the bad decisions continue with us through our death, or the cross where one decision (Luke 23:42-43) wiped all of the bad ones away and brought life after death?

Some people have a problem seeing people accept the cross of Christ just before they die, just like one of the two men did on their cross that day. The choice to accept Christ only requires one thing – that you accept His death as a payment for your sins. Whether you have sinned and are just about to die, or you are young and have many sins ahead of you. If your heart is sincere, your life will be changed. No matter if you have years or minutes left in this life.

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