Try, try, try again

I was reminded again today of how much I should no only respect the Bible as truth, but that I should have no reason of being afraid of being known to stand for it. I came across these reminders today and thought I’d share them with you.

No other book has been so attacked throughout history as the Bible. In A.D. 300 the Roman emperor Diocletian ordered every Bible burned because he thought that by destroying the Scriptures he could destroy Christianity. Anyone caught with a Bible would be executed. But just 25 years later, the Roman emperor Constantine ordered that 50 perfect copies of the Bible be made at government expense. The French philosopher Voltaire, a skeptic who destroyed the faith of many people, boasted that within 100 years of his death, the Bible would disappear from the face of the earth. Voltaire died in 1728, but the Bible lives on. The irony of history is that 50 years after his death, the Geneva Bible Society moved into his former house and used his printing presses to print thousands of Bibles.

Two weeks from today, Coach Tressel and three of his players will be sharing their testimonies with the public. I’ve been honored to help them out with the site and promo stuff (see site here). Pray for me this evening as I walk around our neighborhood and pass out some of the materials and have the opportunity to connect with those I am surrounded by. Thanks!

  1. Wow!  Thanks for sharing this, Gabe!  It makes me think of the hymn “The Bible Stands.”  All the verses are great, but here is the third verse and chorus:  “The Bible stands like a mountain towering – Far above the works of men – Its truth by none ever was refuted – And destroy it they never can….The Bible stands though the hills may tumble – It will firmly stand when the earth shall crumble – I will plant my feet on its firm foundation – For the Bible stands.”  The pictures you took were GORGEOUS, Gabe!  They really were!  You are really gifted – in many areas!  But what really thrills my heart is that you use your “gifts” to serve the Lord and others!  You are a blessing!  Love you!:) 

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