Tribute to Reggie White

We had the privilege of getting to know the White family these past four years, and admire a great family God gave us to follow as examples for each of us. We had the opportunity to spend the night at their home just three months ago and God really used that time for them to impact our lives yet again. After being one of the greatest football players of all time, Reggie was now focused primarily on maturing his relationship with God as much as possible. That happened through his family, through his friends, and through much time spent studying the Hebrew language (an original language of the Bible). When he was on the field you could see the desire to compete at his highest level in his eyes. You could sense that same passion from him recently, but it was at a higher level and towards a higher goal. We are intensely saddened to hear that God has called the “Minister of Defense” home and many prayers are going out for Sara (his wife) and two children (Jeremy and Jecolia). His greater legacy is very apparent in the lives of those three individuals. God obviously made Reggie the example he is by putting him in the family he did. Words can’t express the amount of thankfulness we have towards their unselfishness. Knowing you are listening, we thank you, Reggie, for the example you have given us. This Christmas my brother went the extra mile and got in touch with Reggie. On Christmas morning, the day before Reggie went to be with the Lord, they both gave me a present I will remember for a lifetime……..a personal-autographed Green Bay Packers jersey from Reggie – possibly his last autograph. Thanks so much to both of you!

  1. Dude, I can’t believe you knew Reggie. Last sunday when I heard, I was deeply sadened and it felt like a heavy cloud loomed over me all day. Reggie’s life was a great testimate to his faith in Christ. I know he had left the church and was studying Hebrew for awhile now. I had not heard all of the details regarding this but I have no doubt that his objective was to draw nearer to God. I know his wife was recently diagnosed with MS and he has children as well. They will all be in our thoughts and prayers. Football suffered a great loss but humanity took the biggest hit. He will not be forgotten.

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