Too early to retire – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 14

When is a good time to say no to things that appear to be good, or things you think or really important? Christ had to make a choice like this here in Luke. There have been times in my life when something appeared to be going one way, and God appeared to be taking it another way. Those are very confusing times, but they have always ended up working for the best – when I have chosen to follow God’s pulling at the moment and not mine. There have also been times when I have decided to reject God’s call and go with what I wanted to settle with. Those usually end up being the same-old-same-old times in life. God has a mission, a deadline, for each of us. He is directing us each towards our own target in different ways. Christ saw that direction and followed it – leading by example even when the right people thought He was doing the wrong thing.

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