Time away with family and God

The trip to Oklahoma and Texas this week has been a bit more than I can handle. Not the driving. It’s now normal to hop in the van and drive for thousands of miles on our way to 52 Zoos and to see new friends. What’s too much to handle is the care, guidance and love we have felt directly from God. It’s impossible for me to list everything and every different way He has blessed us, but I can say that the blessings couldn’t have come any other way. That’s what we love most about these trips. That God shows up every time, and on time. I’ll list a few quick ones so you don’t feel left out. I know how annoying that can be…..visiting a blog and being left out on hearing the good stuff, LOL.

Yesterday was the prime example of the entire tour. We usually get up and leave for a zoo in the morning, but the new friends we met were really a joy to be talk to (and we had a bit more time). We had a great morning chat, and were blessed by those new friends in ways we definitely weren’t prepared for. Off we went to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX (a smallish drive). Met the staff at the zoo, who were thrilled to host us and welcomed us with their words like no other has. Got through a beautiful zoo a minute before it started pouring rain.

It worked out perfectly to meet another new friend for lunch on our way to Houston – many thanks to him for buying our lunch! Got back in the van and drove for over two hours on the way to Houston, with most of the drive being in the middle of nowhere. Just before getting onto the freeway we got a flat tire! While putting the spare on a lady pulled up and informed us she’d call her husband who had worked in a tire shop in town. He arrived in maybe two minutes, we followed him to the shop and twenty minutes and $12 later we were back on the road! Pulled out of the garage at the shop and it started pouring. Thanks God! The precise control of allowing us to change a tire without getting soaked, the timing of the lady leaving the school and being married to a tire shop mechanic.

That kind of stuff brings tears to our eyes. And here we sit with new friends in Houston. You are a great God. Inexplicable for sure.

PRAYING that God provides ways that we can bless these new friends in return! PRAISING God for every detail of this trip. Even a flat tire!

  1. janelle

    Thank YOU Lord, for blessing and keeping them in YOUR CARE< YOUR HANDS, YOUR Angels all around them, today again GOD YOU never tire of blessing Your children… Your Word says, YOU direct the steps of those that TRUST in YOU..and they do, and YOU are…and we praise YOUR NAME again again again, today even LOUDER…POL…PRAISE OUT LOUD, that is sooooooo neat GABE..thank YOU for sharing… !

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