This election shall pass

It’s an election. One day (thankfully soon), it will be over. I’ve had the privilege of blogging, chatting, messaging and talking to so many different people these past few weeks about all of the issues. This will be my last post before the election, mainly because I must now truly place November 5th into the Lord’s hands just as I do any other day.

If November 4th were really worth so much to me, I wouldn’t stop trying to be used by the Spirit to wake some people up who have apparently taken their eyes off of God’s Word. My last statement I will have for those people (most know who they are) is that it’s not up to how much you’ve angered those known as “conservatives” or how far you can push your liberal beliefs and still label yourself a “Christian”. Only God is walking with you and can sense how much closer you’ve grown with Him or further. I have no right to question your walk with the Lord, and have not tried to do so.

There is one verse that applies to EVERY day, EVERY deed, and EVERY spoken word for EACH of us that call ourselves Christ-followers. This applies to the candidates and VP choices that are brave enough to take up this calling. This verse applies to you and I just as much as them. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31.

November 5th will be a new day. It might be good for you, it might be bad. The thoughts, words, prayers, and even our actual vote itself is something that does not fall outside of the challenge of this verse. We’ll go into the day following the election just as we will going into eternity. Knowing that only Christ alone has given us true freedom. Freedom that lasts eternally. The comparisons of being an American relate so well to that of being a Christ-follower. We’ve received a freedom from individuals that we did not deserve. We received salvation from an individual that we did not deserve. The response to both should be one of extreme honor and should require important moments of pondering the outcome of our actions.

I don’t want to chat or interact with anyone else about this or previous blog posts between now and November 5th. The verse I’ve shared is the challenge for us all, and the blood of our soldiers and of Christ speak louder than any response or petty comment I could return to you. I would request that each of you vote, but I’d prefer to request that those of you that do BOLDLY claim to be a Christ-follower would glorify God by seeking His will during these next few days. His will will be done. That’s all we can seek and He will guide us into November 5th better than our next president could ever dream of being able to.

After posting this blog today I came across a video by John Piper that I’d recommend watching. Click here to see it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife, Marla! Glad you’ll be with me through these next four years, that’s for sure. If you’re looking for a good blog, check hers out here.

  1. amen!

    That verse is perfect for these times. I joke with my friends that if the election goes one way, I’m moving to Brazil. I don’t really mean it though. Whatever happens, we Jesus-followers need to follow that verse more each day.

  2. Amen too!

    Just like the Corinthians, Christians today should not try and see how much they can get away with, but should glorify God. If America would have kept this principle throughout our history, how much easier it would have made everything!

  3. I think it is time to just get before the LORD….and ask for HIS MERCY AND GRACE on this country…….praying for my grandkids future….and telling GOD HE alone knows best….!

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