The wrong necklace

ESPN interviewed Sheryl Swoopes (pictured below) about her recent decision to step out and announce her homosexual lifestyle. This sin can be hidden from the entire nation and their media for her past eight years, but I’m sure God wasn’t fooled for that long? She stated that, as being such a large public figure as a WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) star, it wasn’t easy for her to do this. She was asked what kind of fears she had and replied “Obviously you’re going to have hesitations…….I’ve wanted to let the world know who I really am for a while……I wasn’t sure what the consequences would be”. She responded that this was all about her, but that hopefully she would make and impact on someone else (that is a public figure), so maybe it wouldn’t be as hard for them to do the same thing. At the end of the interview she let ESPN know that there was a feeling that a heavy burden that was lifted off of her shoulders – leading to a time of extreme happiness as a result.

Here’s the pic – and believe me, I wouldn’t have wasted one minute using Photoshop to paint a cross on her neck – it’s legit, lol.

Okay……where do you start with this one? Or do you not speak out against it? I think that’s the problem – people don’t speak out against the sin enough!!! Including myself. So here it is – Gabe’s official “I hate the sin of homosexuality just as God does” blog. I think there are so many things that need pointed out from the interview, some that I didn’t notice until I watched the interview a fifth time on this ESPN page: 

Here are my thoughts:
1. Is our nation really so far away from God that we give national television time to a homosexual, letting them inform the world while wearing a CROSS around their neck? How stupid do you really think I am? Am I really going to just fall over and say homosexuality and the cross Christ died on go so well together – great choice of a pendant there Sheryl! Or maybe Sheryl needs to take a look at God’s feelings for the sin her life is wrapped around here – . Doesn’t quite look like God really takes a liking to the stuff that was going on there?

2. The very obvious nervous feeling she has in the interview speaks for itself. Some people I’ve talked to thinks that this is a result of her just being a celebrity and that it is much harder for them to come out like this than it would be for you or I (unless you’re famous, lol). I think that is true, but I’m pretty certain God doesn’t just let you live this lifestyle in a circle of perfect comfort. Even when a person that follows His commandments closely gets involved in something that isn’t in the public arena He gives them a sense of nervousness and discomfort that just shakes their world. I think the thing Sheryl needs to check out might possibly be the May / June newsletter from this ministry – .

3. On a short note – what’s so entertaining about someone being a homosexual than someone that isn’t? I think if you can answer that question with any answer that doesn’t deal with sin you have to be kidding yourself, lol. When was the last time you saw ESPN mention someone getting married for 3-4 days in a row of media attention? I think that shows how deceptive our enemy is…….satan’s drawing so much attention to it these days isn’t he? You think the media isn’t his favorite tool at times…… better think 20 times. It’s so obvious how immorality and sinfulness have started to arrive all over the front page of our headlines on a daily basis.

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