The waves are listening – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 19

When reading about Christ controlling the storm here in Mark, it makes me realize a few things. The power He had on the universe while on earth had very little to do with how alert He was and didn’t require Him to do anything special to display His power. He started an intense storm while He was asleep in a boat, and wasn’t near as rattled as the disciples were when He got up and saw the situation they were in.

I also realize that His words, “Quiet! Be Still”, were just a verbal picture of His protection over His followers in the boat. The ocean doesn’t have ears, but it does have a sense of listening when Christ wants it to obey. Our lives are quite a bit like this storm. In full control of His grace. He can allow us to go through ups and downs in our life that make us feel like we’re headed for destruction, but He also is willing to control things and bring peace to our situations if we let Him have control and look for His guidance. When my boat is almost upside down, sometimes I try to push as hard as possible, trying to prove that I don’t need Him to step in. Not knowing what storms are ahead of me (which I am sure there are some), I need to understand He’ll be there to give me peace.

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