The privilege of reading the Bible

We have the Bible on our phones, and maybe 20 hard copies lying around. This video sure makes me realize how special owning just one of those should really be. Wow.


  1. Scott Moses

    My brother in law shared this video with me a couple of weeks ago. The Kimyal people have the right perspective regarding the Word of God. It’s not just a book. It is His word. It is worthy of our utmost respect. It is life to those who find it.

  2. We take so much for granted! Makes one realize that it’s worth waiting a lifetime to have the Word of God in one’s hands. And we may access it every day. We are so privileged, so blessed.

  3. That was really cool. Their complete joy and thankfulness and faith in what God has given them was so encouraging to me.

  4. Gabe, this video is so inspiring! It kind of makes me want to drop out of my job, hop on a plane, and go serve people for a while.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Wow! Talk about loving the Word (Incarnate and Written)! How precious for this community to have a testimony to pass from generation to generation!

    Seriously makes me think about where and how to engage in missions beyond our borders. Thanks for sharing.

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