The narrow road

These past few weeks I have struggled with time management. The podcast has been going well, but I want to give it all that I have. Why? Because God is behind it and He deserves the most of me. I am sure many of you parents struggle with managing your time, let alone managing giving God what He not only wants……..He deserves.

I’ve finally realized that I need to put a quick halt to what was consuming most of my free time. Designing websites on the side………work after work. That’s just doesn’t……work. Even though the clients are great people, effective ministries, and even pay me something to be helping them like I was at home a while back – I can’t let what is most important die off because I feel obligated to become superman.

I have two sites I am finishing off this and next week, and that’s it. The podcast is being blasted out to 150,000 people tomorrow. Each week it seems like I get more tired and there’s a huge weight on my shoulders. The transition to working all day out of the home has kind of been a little more of a twist with my time too obviously.

It’s great to see what God is doing, but I know He is just waiting for more of my time. And so are my four ladies. How blessed we are to have the freedoms we do. I just pray that God and others will know me for the two freedoms I value most. God and family. With other things piled on top I think it becomes shady.

9-11-01 was horrible. I’ll never forget it. The consequences are being paid to some that claim they are glorifying our God with the evil He hates. The Bible is the only source of truth, and knowing that, it will only get worse from here until the Lord returns. Looking back, it’s not really as shocking that tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, war, terror, immorality, education, greed, blasphemy and hatred are happening on much more of a frequent basis than even a day ago. Pressing on like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Sounds like a good move and enables you to concentrate and put time into godmac and your lovely ladies…  Praying that the ‘drop’ goes well and that many people might come and listen to the podcast and that as a result more people might to come and know our Lord and God.  🙂

    We really are living in the end times – when we hear news of these awful things happening we shouldn’t be surprised at all, man and creation are groaning for Jesus to return.  What a joy to know that the battle has been won for us and that Jesus WILL return to take us home….  Woo hoot!

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