The least of these

There’s not one of us that doesn’t need help from others. But yet we’re called to be servants in Matthew 25:45, and to focus on serving the “least of these”. The confusing thing to me is that each one of us is a least of these in different areas of life. Some of us don’t have much money, food, free time, education, experience, friends, accolades, and the list goes on. You need something today, and so do I. Honestly, we each could benefit from help with maybe 5-10 bits of life. A little comfort, encouragement, recognition, blessing, health, money, and so on. There’s not a one of us that is full of what God has for us this side of heaven. From the highest class to the lowest, we’re all in need.

I guess we could go through life, believing that God is going to fill all of those empty and needy cups without any of our help. Or we could slowly read the scriptures (like the one above) and realize that we are called to serve the needy. We all have something to give, that’s for sure!

The financially poor sometimes give financially in ways that make the rich look pretty lame. When I look at my own life, and the blessings God has given personally to me, there are people out there that give in ways I need to be. But comparison is not the issue. It’s simply a yes or no. Am I giving what I have to give? At all?

I had a heart-to-heart talk with one of our church staff members this week, sharing with him that my desire in life would be to give from what I have been blessed with. For me, that gift seems to be taking the experience I have in creativity or technology. I work with many great organizations and individuals, and am confident that God is using me to bless them. But they’re not really the least of these. And to be honest, sometimes even doing “work with lots of ministries” doesn’t feel much different than doing “work with lots of businesses”. We’re not called to be in ministry, or just to serve to get by. We’re called to give all that we have, and not many of us can say we’re doing that. I know I can’t.

You’ve probably been able to read into it in past blogs, but I’ve seen too many ministry people talking the talk. But when it comes to personally connecting with those who haven’t met the Christ that’s changed our lives, when was the last time our walk was real. You could work for a church. But when was the last time you personally longed to reach a soul, rather than putting the hours in and making sure the pews were filled and the budget was secure? You could have a nice job and your cabinets are stuffed. But when did you reach out and fill the cup of a person battling with hunger? And if you’re like me, you might be able create decent graphics and websites. But when was the last time you searched for the unemployed or an individual whose life might benefit from learning just a thing or two from your experience? John 3:30 can sure be a tough read.

  1. janelle

    This truly needs to be not only heard, but owned in each one of our lives. Thanx for the top verse, will truly go off on it… in Oct.

  2. “But when was the last time you personally longed to reach a soul, rather than putting the hours in and making sure the pews were filled and the budget was secure?”

    This speaks to me. A couple of years ago, I was starting to get disillusioned with my own church. It seemed that as a whole, the church had become obsessed with ‘growth’ and figuring out how to get attendance higher. We actually went multi-campus for awhile and it was not a good experience. The higher aim was to have enough people so that we would move forward on a new worship center. It got to a point where I was considering leaving the church.

    I was going to say something since the Pastor is also a personal friend and then things changed. I don’t know what it was, but the push for “growth” stopped and the push for Christ began anew. A new and simple mission statement was formed: “Leading people to life change in Christ.” The multi-campus format was done away with. Whatever it was the church leaders decided or how they came to that decision was the best decision they had ever made. Since that time, Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ has been the focus. The building will come in God’s timing. It did wonders. We’ve seen growth. The worship has been amazing and the preaching has been uplifting as well as convicting and what our church has done outside the walls has been amazing as well.

    Good post.

  3. Hi Gabe,

    I’m new here, but landed here from Peter’s tweet. I’m glad I did.

    I can’t tell you I was, like on standing ovation, reading this post (just about really).

    Some of us might struggle with OT “10% tithing”, when Jesus calls us to give it ALL over 100% in the NT!

    It is true, “serving” the church or ministry is a job that can get in the way of serving *God* with our lives — just like any other “civilian” jobs.

    How sobering this post is. Refreshingly so!


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