The hardest prayer I’ve prayed

Tonight we went and visited my grandmother who has been battling brain cancer for 13 months now. The nurses gave our family a notice that she could pass away in 2 days to a week. While holding my mother in my arms, we thanked God so much for the blessing my grandmother has been to all of us, but pleaded with God to take her as soon as He wanted to. To sit and hold my grandmother’s hand and realize that the blood is flowing out of her heart 3 times more than it is flowing in, that most of her breathing is through the mouth only, or that areas of her body are turning a shade of purple because the oxygen isn’t reaching them as it was yesterday wasn’t comfortable at all. What was comfortable was praying to God, knowing He has always been in control of her life, and to ask Him to shower her with so many blessing when she first meets Him.

The thought that kept rolling through my mind is that life really isn’t too long…….even if you’ve lived 75 years. While starting to create her video today for her funeral, I saw pictures of her from years ago. Pictures of her when she was my age. What’s my life going to be worth when I am in the place she is now? Could I stare cancer in the face and not be scared of death. Some people are strong through battles with cancer, but what thoughts ring through their minds late at night when they know death could come shortly? I’ve watched her eyes and her demeanor and death hasn’t scared her one bit……..that’s because HELL is not waiting for her. I’ll leave ya with this – is it waiting for you?

  1. My prayer for you and your family is that “the peace of God which transends all understanding will guard you hearts and minds…”  It is difficult losing a loved one, but one good thing is to know that your grandmother will be with and is ready to be with Daddy Jesus.  I count it a huge blessing that I was prepared for my grandmother to go.

    I will be praying for you and your family this week! 

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