The hand He loves to hold – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 20

Maybe some doctors need to check out the story of healing here in Mark. Sometimes I get the feeling that doctors only know as much as their teacher taught them. Some of them go into more in depth research and find a little new twist on curing a disease here or there, but the knowledge has always built off of what was known before them. From what I can understand, new diseases throw a wrench into their lives just like new problems do with the rest of ours. What if a doctor had power to heal you if you just had a strong enough belief that he or she could help.

I can’t imagine bleeding for 12 years, let alone 12 days. This lady had been seeking the help of local doctors, but none were able to help her much. The strength of her faith is what caused her to be healed, not just touching the edges of Christ’s clothing. I praise God for giving me enough health to make it through today, but I also pray for the times when my health heads south and that my faith stays strong.

  1. Our daughter has seizures but does not fit the book when it comes to this disorder…we have had a number of doctors tell us that she was “out of their league” because they did not want to deal with her.  She doesn’t fit in their knowledge base.

    Our best doctors realize that their is a God who knows so much more than they do and they even acknowledge His working in her life.

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