The gift of life

Yesterday I had a meeting with a church in Lima, OH (my hometown – 40 minutes away) about some specifics for the website I am creating for them. It was over before lunch, so I decided to drop in and visit with my family (free lunches aren’t a bad bonus I guess). My grandma had a brain tumor removed this past month, but the doctors found out that cancer had made it to the brain. It was very hard on the family to get through the surgery, but my grandma seemed to be doing the best of anyone.

That’s why I stopped in yesterday. It’s so amazing to hear her speak of how she has been blessed by God with encouragement from so many friends and family members. Before the surgery she even took a stroll through the cemetary……..not in fear, but knowing that she was ready to go to heaven if God decided that. I sit back and watch her go through days and realize that I need to be so much more thankful for the life God’s allowed me to have. Death is uncertain, but I should use each day as an opportunity to let others know of God’s greatness. There’s nothing besides a faith in Christ that can allow you to stare death in the eyes and smile if that’s what happens!

  1. grandma’s are an up-lifter. I will agree with you on that on. My grandma prays for everyone in our family by name everyday, and our family is huge. People call a the waterloo mafia. during a funural, we take up over have the church. One thing does scare me, because when my grandma dies, I will lose a big prayer warrior, and believe me, my guardian angel had been working a lot of overtime. In fact, I would not be suprised if he/she has deep bench full of subs!

    sorry to here about your grandma!

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