The First Step to the Cross – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 29

Whenever I hear about the “Via Dolorosa” I have sounds burnt into my ears from Sandi Patti’s cassette tapes being played in a Honda station wagon on the way to elementary school. I still wonder to this day how my Mom’s taste bent towards the Sandy flavor? I guess it must have been a time of praise, because it couldn’t have been because of the rhythm? Now that I look back on the song, it actually is a good one….I think some new musicians might want to give a shot at defining the most important road in history?

Max really hit me today with this. There are quite a few stops along the road today to remind visitors of the events that took place during that Friday. But he begged us to realize the most important spot on the journey Christ made that day – the starting point of this journey was in heaven. Decades before that Friday Christ saw us and one word came to mind – reconcile. We were headed into a world where getting lost was the norm, and still is. Many of us have been blessed enough to hear Him screaming from the cross – I LOVE YOU! But many of us are deaf to his voice. Are you running back to the voice or pressing the mute button and staying a comfortable distance away?

  1. And to think we were listening to Sandi sing Via Dolorosa at the exact same time and never knew it… “Down the via Dolorosa…called the way of suffering…”

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