The End of Christian America

oldchurchI was reading through Newsweek yesterday while waiting in the oil change shop lobby. If today’s topic interests you, you’ll want to visit the link below to read the original article (after reading this of course, lol). Is Christianity really ending in our country that was originally founded on Judeo-Christian principles and faith?

My first thought is that the root of the problem is not Christianity. If the price Christ paid on the cross were the problem, I’m sure the faith wouldn’t have lasted for over 2,000 years. The root of the problem is the growing sense in this nation that we can depend on ourselves. Even all of the natural disasters and crazy economic times aren’t waking people up or sparking the fire in their OUR souls. If the selfless faith in Christ is taking a hit, then what is on the rise?

If things like people making poor decisions and purchasing things they can’t afford, or being pro-choice just to get votes in America are any sign of the pulse of our culture, then it becomes obvious that not relying on God is popular. Atheism is becoming more and more of a minority these days. Why? Because while people seem to be making poor decisions, intelligence itself is becoming more obvious without their help. People have actually figured out that atheism itself is a belief. Believing what other people believe is impossible. The problem with that belief is that, just like we see with the decline in strength of the view of evolution, there is no supporting evidence that would make our God or His creation appear as a complete impossibility. I dare you to watch the movie Expelled.

So here comes atheism’s little cousin, the cop out that doesn’t want to go to school or do their chores. Agnosticism, otherwise known as “playing stupid”. People opt for this way out because they don’t want to actually figure out what they believe in (Christianity), and they don’t want to be accountable for not knowing (atheism). Isn’t it a bit obvious why that would be on the rise in this country? Almost fits the mold of having the president and our new government bail us out if we get into a bind, doesnt’ it? Why can’t we have what we want, when and how we want it? That’s what angers me most about our country. Not that Christianity is getting knocked down all of the time. But that Christians aren’t fired up enough to call stupidity what it is. Get in the game.

Almost forgot – click here to read the article from Newsweek.

PRAYING for a few people that I know are struggling with all of this. You know who you are. PRAISING God for not ending, even when some angry people sure wish He would.

  1. Thanks for a great post and many thanks for your continued prayers.
    Blessings tonight and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  2. I agree and I disagree with your post here Gabe.

    I agree that Christianity has not failed. The message of the cross and the way of the following the cross is just as important today as in any time in history. People getting back to the heart of the Gospel is what our nation needs as does every nation.

    Where I would disagree, is the statement that you made that our nation was founded on Christianity. This may be true to the extent that some of the key players were Christians. It also may be true that Christianity was widely respected and accepted. But I think that we overstate things when we view our nations history as if its founding documents or the actions of our forefathers reflect Christianity. I think that this idea has done much to bring disdain to the name of Christ. People look at our nations history and say believe that it is the same as Christianity because that is how many talk about it. This causes many to want nothing to do with Christ. I would say that we have never been a Christian nation and that is part of the reason for the sins of our past and the sins of our present.

    So I agree with the message of your post that we need to call people to the repentance and following Christ. I disagree that we were once a Christian nation and now are not.

    Keep writing brother. I appreciate the challenges you offer and the spirit that comes with them. Grace and peace.

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