The Bucket List

I’ll probably hold off until it comes out on DVD to watch it, but most of you have probably heard of the movie in theaters right now called “The Bucket List”. When you first hear the title (at least when I did), it makes you a little curious of what it’s all about. I’m not sure if it was a term back in the day, but they are pretty much referencing another term “kick the bucket” (when you die). From what I understand, it’s a movie where the two guys make a list of things they are going to do before they pass away.

God’s world continues to amaze me. So many kinds of people with so many different ways of doing this life and making it from birth to death by so many different paths. Then I usually take it to the next level with a question. Knowing nobody’s path from life to death is perfect but Christ’s, is there really an answer to everyone’s list of things they need are get to do before kicking the bucket.

Last night in our men’s Bible study we discussed love and Christ being our example and answer to a life of love and how to walk through it. Realizing the Christ is the answer sometimes has to make other things the wrong answer. Sometimes it has to knock some of our dreams of life (items on our bucket list) off of the list. Sometimes we have to get rid of the things we selfishly want and desire what God wants out of our life more. I believe this is probably the hardest part of being a Christian. Choosing which Bucket List to follow. The list that God has already made for us or the list we think the world has made for our life to be better.

Some say “my life will not be complete until I…….”. What a challenge to keep our eyes off of the world’s Bucket List and onto the list God has given us in His Word. Love others. Become more unselfish. Maybe the 10 Commandments even fit in there? Hopefully this is a challenge that I can follow and maybe for others to stop speaking so much about where they have been, what they have consumed and start speaking of where God has led them and how much He has consumed them. Thanks to those of you that do this already!

  1. Wow. I really like the part about not focusing on what you’ve consumed but on how much God has consumed you.

    I wanna be on your Bucket List.

  2. LOL – Marla’s comment… Going through Grandma’s “things”  – getting a dumpster….remembering where she got them, and when I was done….the men came and got the dumpster….they were GONE.  AS if it is branded in my soul………it took alot, alot of my desires…..for an airline ticket, a what ever….what are we clearly here to do.. neat blog !

  3. Wow.  I’ve think you’ve hit the nail dude.  That John 3:16 study serves you well.  Amen and Amen.  Thank you so much for posting that. 

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