The beginning of knowledge

I was privileged to help out with Sharathon (annual fundraising campaign) again this year. The staff there is a great group of people and Marla’s two uncles lead Sharathon, along with Uncle Charlie from Marla’s Uncle Tracy is the General Manager at WEEC and her Uncle Rod (from her other side of the family) flies in from Arizona and helps out for the three days every year. He works with and his personal ministry site is at It was a blessing to watch God use these three men’s talents to inspire others to help continue the WEEC ministry. I learned one huge thing while sitting there this week. Marla’s Uncle Rod shared it from Proverbs 1:7 (“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”). You can read the rest of the great chapter here –

What did I learn from that? I use the talents God gave me every day to assist ministries in glorifying His name on the internet. But that doesn’t mean I have it all together. I have felt driven lately to not just create sites that say – I’m a Christian and check this cool stuff out. I feel a sense of urgency in today’s world. The world that flocks at the chance of pushing someone down, the world that makes you feel ugly, the world that wants as much money of yours as possible, the world that hates Christ more and more every day. What this world doesn’t realize is that the knowledge that brings this hatred will be standing there one day, watching the wheel continue to spin, watching greed continue to increase, watching more corruption take place……..all while the beginning of knowledge is finally recognized. If we (myself included) do not fear the Lord we are ignorant (lacking the beginning of knowledge). Those people include those who attend church, a casino, a strip club, mass, or even the homeless. No matter what extreme we have taken our lives to. No matter how intellectual we might be, or how much common sense we might not have – we are all ignorant without a fear of the Lord.

Now I sit back and consider these powerful computers and the vastness of the internet. Experiencing life at too fast a pace because information is believed to be very important to this culture. What we don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter what kind of material might be available – a Christian website – a site which allows you to throw your stocks and securities around in seconds – pornographic websites – or even cartoon websites that are created with children in mind. No matter what your content is or how close the being labeled of Christian faith – without spreading the truth of Christ it is full of ignorance. Wat good does it do for me to make a website, or for you to do whatever you do, without glorifying God and fearing Him? For some reason we feel like information makes us king. The only knowledge that will matter in the end is the knowledge that has started with a fear of the Lord. I am a Christian, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I fear the Lord. Many Christians are stupid – there’s no doubting that. It’s taken me 29 years to figure out that I need to wake up and fear the Lord every day. I don’t think the DaVinci Code book or movie will hold a candle to that knowledge? Hopefully that verse inspires us all to be more careful about what information matters in whatever we do in this next hour. Even if I were an intellectual and wealthy man – maybe like a Bill Gates – I could absorb a lifetime of “knowledge”, but it would fail in the end – only as something I learned from another human being.

Imagine this – Christ returns and takes those that believe in Him with Him for eternity. Every individual that never learned of true knowledge is still standing on this earth. Those that did know of true knowledge are gone – the work of their lives left behind. Many who are still here on earth would still not understand, trying to acquire even more knowledge after it is all said and done. My websites will still be online, but what effect will they have? Your church building will still be standing, but who will be walking into it on the next Sunday? And the interesting thing about all of that is that it could happen at any moment. The “knowledge” of this world will continue to pile up. I guess it’s just a matter of how much more of it will we consume than the first bite of fearing the Lord? There’s nothing new under the sun…..I’m just glad the fear of the Lord was shared with me this week and I can focus on that tomorrow! Otherwise I might have just continued to think that I could just “love” God and get by with fearing only myself.

  1. Thanks for the deep thoughts. I like your mind. And other parts. 🙂 Time for a new, fun post! Oh, I forgot how swamped you are today! Love you!

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