The adult thing to do

I just wasted a few minutes listening to Bill Maher on Larry King. He was informing the audience how immature it is to beleive in the fairy tale of Jesus’ Dad creating the world, and reassuring the audience that the adult thing to do is not to believe in something you have never seen. I won’t dare argue against this guy about what the adult thing to do when they showed clips of his television show on Larry King.

He could very possibly be one of the most immature, attention lusting, selfish people I have spent a few wasted minutes watching. I think this culture is running down a dead end street, not knowing how close they are to the actual point where you will be forced to turn around and look at the ridiculous path they have just followed. I mentioned some of the ridiculous television shows that are topping our entertainment charts two blogs back…….this guy’s book is also one of the top current sellers. I guess the biggest question to ask is what can we do, as Christians, for these people? They already know the basic truths of the Bible and Christ dying for all of our sins. I think prayer and living our lives for Christ are the only two ways to go.

It’s fairly obvious that the people they try to humiliate are living lives that make them feel uncomfortable. Why do they feel uncomfortable……do you sometimes feel uncomfortable. Living an unselfish life for the Lord might seem stupid to them……..but just listen to any Christians that follow this path – it’s much more comfortable than crossing the line at times dabbling immaturity, immorality and insanity. The comfort isn’t due to the fact of living a life to please some fairy tale………it’s due to clearly seeing all of the blessings God has given us by empowering us in this culture.

  1. Gabe!!!

    hey dont know if you remember me my name is michelle gilmore
    i worked on kitchen staff a couple years ago when you guys were at scioto hills really miss you guys and im glad to know that your still alive havent seen or heard from you all in awhile well im prayin for you all and cant wait to hear from you
    eclesiastes 7:14
    michlle gilmore

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