Thanks Tug!

Tug Nolan Taviano is my only sibling, for those of you that don’t know. After reading this, you can follow him more closely by clicking the tugnang link in my subscriptions on the left or visit his  myspace page.

When you have an only sibling you will get to know them well, and they will get to know you well. Relationships only become great when both sides humble themselves and approach God to understand life more. Many siblings grow and leave a bitter taste is each other’s mouth. Even the Bible has stories of brothers that go through stages of jealousy, anger, and even murder. The more I come to understand the Bible, the more I see that God has to be in the lives of those on both sides of any relationship for it to prosper, or simply function for some.

I don’t bring this up because I dislike my brother and it amazes me that God somehow pulls us together. I bring it up because my relationship with my brother is only as real as it is because of the relationship he has with our heavenly father. Without that, I could love Tug all I want, but the real bond would not be there.

Many know Tug to be one of the most enjoyable individuals they’ve ever been round. I don’t remember one person ever coming to me because Tug made them upset or ruined their day. Those that grow closer to Tug know that there are some things he takes very seriously. His family and the fun he has with life are all tailored and focused around one thing – how he can be transparent and play a part in adding one more soul to God’s kingdom. Tug rejoices when the angels do.

The second greatest commandment, behind loving God, is loving individuals. Tug is an amazing example of this to me and to many others. I’m definitely not up to par in this area, but can honestly say that there hasn’t been a time in my life when I haven’t felt loved by Tug. We all mess up, but when love is there it overshadows everything else.

I continue to thank God for Tug more and more, and look forward to time I get to spend with him here and for eternity. I pray that you don’t only get to enjoy time with your siblings here on earth as well. Thanks Tug, for following Christ’s example in showing love to others. Christ is evident in your example!

Tug Taviano – brother – Youth Pastor @  Crossroads Church in Lima, OH

  1. Amen, brother. My two favorite lines–

    “Tug rejoices when the angels do.” and “There hasn’t been a time in my life when I haven’t felt loved by Tug.”

    Love you, Tug Nolan!

  2. Hey bro, thanks, I love you with all of my heart, and miss getting to see you as much as we used to!!!! But at least we chat everyday!! Thanks for being who you are to me, and for taking the time out of your day to talk, and poke fun, cause that is a blast!!!!! Why are you the only odd ball, Graphic Designer, that cracked me up that your brother and all of your bro-in-laws are youth pastors, and your dad, and father-in-law work at Honda!!!  You are doing what you were designed to do!!! Hopefully we can go to a Hockey game soon, or and AFL game!!!!!

    Thanks and talk atcha tomorrow


    Your Bro

  3. When you only have 2 sons……..and if you were standing on an ice glacier and looked in the deepest crevasse, and could not see the bottom.  That is my love for both of YOU.  You are as different as Livi and Reesey….but…through your whole life….the one would hurt…the other would hurt greater.  The one would pull through…the other would pull through for that one.  You are right….. TUG loves you as much as a brother could love a brother….and when you are riding your bike, running…and you are all alone…feel the love of God….feel the love of God through your brother…..YOU are loved, Gabe…for being GABE…. from God, from Tug , from YOUR DAD…” and yes,  your Mom”….

       We have been on food stamps…we have not had money….. but somehow…we went on vacations…somehow…we had popcorn and “Top Gun”  somehow…a match box car or a baseball card or two…or two thousand…but…. never were you without out the love of YOUR FAMILY………….  ” Gabe and Tug Are Brothers”  ~ Author: Marla Taviano

  4. How true….he loves, and loves some more, and doesn’t stop. He has the biggest heart in the world for his family…our family, your family, his mom and dad…I’ve never in my life met a man who loves more than him. He does rejoice when our “kids” get saved and he follows up with them. He’s a daddy to the one’s who’s dad is not there in their life. You have a great brother, Gabe, and I thank you for being there for him, too. What a hott and handsome brother you have! I couldn’t have asked for a better husband!

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