Thanks Stewart!

Stewart has been a lot of fun to have as part of the family since marrying Marla’s sister, Bethany, on 6/26/2004. Their two years of dating made it fairly obvious that he would be a good addition. It’s not hard for me to want to be around Stewart since his mind and enjoyment hinge around technical things. He began to study engineering because of the love God gave Him for those things, but God knew He wanted him to be in ministry from the beginning. He talks just as much about the details of God’s Word as the interesting things of this world.

A few things that come to mind when I think about Stewart is that he will never be “considered a failure”. Stewart enjoys challenges and isn’t afraid of trying something new / taking a little risk here and there. Both he and Bethany enjoy life. I look at their marriage and see a great example of not worrying about tomorrow, but living today to its fullest. I am sure the kids in their youth group are enjoying every minute with them just like their children will down the road. Thanks to Stewart for making family time even more enjoyable. I’ve always told Marla that I feel blessed that God brought the two new brother-in-laws that He did. One thing I will wrap up with is the single downside to having Stew join the family. For some reason God has placed this thick layer of fog over his eyes when trying to understand just how much better life with be if he were a Mac!

Stewart Peters – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @ Community Grace Brethren in West Milton, OH

  1. I actually never thought about Stew enjoying challenges and taking risks. I mean, he does that with his cars and hobbies, but it also plays into his “real” life, too! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Stewart is lots of fun and he’s going to make a great daddy someday! I can’t wait! Thanks for loving Stew and writing such nice things about him! (I could’ve done without that last part, lol).

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