Thanks Ron!

God knew what He was doing when He placed me into Marla’s family. I’ve learned quite a bit by watching Ron (her father) and Rock (my father – will blog about him soon) after marriage and now with children. It was kind of difficult, at first, joining into a new family and getting comfortable with their personalities and adjusting to things not being the same as they were in the single life while with my family. Our four parents all know the Lord and I admire them each quite a bit! The adjustment was much more a difficulty because I wasn’t adjustable, lol. Ron welcomed me to the family with open arms and has been really encouraging in the many struggles we’ve been through in our 9 few years of marriage.

Some of the things I respect Ron the most for are:
It’s evident that he loves His God and is open in talking about his faith.
He isn’t afraid to do things for his wife and sacrifice for his family.
He has an amazing focus on eternal things, and not holding material things too high.
He loves to talk to others, but somehow is also selective with his words at the same time.
Having family together is important to him, and he isn’t bothered by the company of others (even if many).

I could go on for a while that’s for sure. I now look at Ron as a role model rather than a father-in-law. I’m privileged, knowing that some men just don’t get to know their father-in-laws much. These past few years I have looked forward to hanging out with Marla’s family more and more, and am thrilled that God has blessed my kids with great grandparents to look up to. Thanks Ron, for being unselfish, caring, and for being there for us when we needed it. I pray you are rewarded greatly when it counts the most!

Ron Yoder – father-in-law –  Honda of America

  1. That was beautiful, Gabe. There are little tears forming in the corners of my eyes. You pegged Dad perfectly. Love you both!

  2. I agree –  Ron has it down =  God 1st,  Chris 2nd,  Family 3rd, Others 4th….where is Ron in the equation ?    He isn’t……What an example of  a true man of GOD.  I am thrilled that YOU are in Marla’s family…..who is in God’s Family.

  3.      Thank you for your kind words, Gabe!  You made me cry, too.:)  I am so thankful that God blessed our family with YOU!:)  What a blessing you are to all of us! 

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