Thanks Josh!

It seems like I’ve known Josh for a long time. Maybe that’s because back in 1996 while Marla and I first met and were counselors at a church camp, her brother was a junior in high school and was going to be one of “my boys” for a week. Since the first day of that week I always remember the times I spend with Josh as being fun. It must have been interesting growing up with three sisters, but he made it through just fine. Since those days I have gotten to know Josh a bit more. He shares quite a few traits with his father, who I will blog about in a few days.

Some of the things I admire about Josh are:
He is passionate about whatever he attempts, no matter the ease or difficulty that comes with it. There is a side to him that enjoys life and chaotic moments, and there is a side that breaks through with focus and ponder. His first desire is learning more about His Savior, and it’s obvious that God’s matched the passion and focus traits so perfectly with his opportunity to use Josh to strengthen the body of Christ. I am sure God shares his excitement when He sees Josh as a leader and disciple of others. Thanks Josh, for the model you’ve given myself and others with your pursuit of our Father.

Josh Yoder – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @   Shawnee Hills Baptist Church  in Jamestown, OH

  1. Pretty amazing the FAMILY God has given YOU !  All Christians, all love the LORD…all are really neat guys….it is not by chance that is for sure.  In Laws – Christ laws – band of brothers ….what ever you call them….they have a neat imput into your life !

  2. Yay Joshie!!! And Stewart and Daniel…. AND Gah-bay!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    And haven’t you heard of the Marlins Mermaids??? First MLB team with cheerleaders. They say the Mermaids were added to boost attendance, but I think it was more to distract from the fact they were dismantling the team yet again. I’d rather deal with jeers than with their top-of-the-dugout, half-naked (and seriously out of rhythm) antics.

  3. I can’t believe you’d leave that comment. If you knew what I had to put up with last Thursday night…. *shakes head* “It’s okay, Kevin, this was a building year for Duke…next year…”

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