Thanks Daniel!

Daniel Basham married Marla’s youngest sister Stephanie on 7/29/2006. That’s not too long ago, but God’s already given me many times to be blessed by being around Daniel. The first thing I noticed about Daniel is that he listened to others and gave them his undivided attention, including our daughters. It’s never easy in your first few years of marriage. Trying to adapt to a new family, your first job out of school, making life-altering decisions with housing, finances, and all the responsibilities of being a leader of your new house of two sometimes becomes a heavy load. It’s been great to see Daniel trust in God’s direction so early in his marriage.

A few things I do know about Daniel. He will be the source of encouragement and trust for his wife to lean on, and he will make a great father. God will push Daniel because He knows that this child relies on His eternal father more than anyone else. There are definitely challenges ahead for every newlywed, but I was thrilled when he made the wise decision to join the family. God’s given Daniel opportunities to be a light to both sides of his family, whether they are an hour away or seven. Best of luck and prayer to the Basham family as they serve in Columbia, SC! Take care of Stephanie until we make our way down there!

Daniel Basham – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @  Columbia Crossroads Church  in Columbia, SC

  1. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    I feel blessed every day that I’m married to him!

    Thanks for writing such wonderful, and TRUE, things about my husband. 🙂

  2. Love you, Gabe! Love you, Daniel! You make it sound like we’re moving to South Carolina… Are we??

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