Thanks Dad!

As a father myself, I realize more and more each day how much a child needs a father to make it in this world. My Dad isn’t one to give into pressure or let someone run all over him and destroy his confidence or courage. Coming from a family of 11 and dealing with some bumps in the road were things God has used to test him and shape him to be the man, and example, he is today. When I look back and see how he has tackled life and allowed God to shape his personality, thoughts, compassion, and heart, I see someone who overcame things that most people don’t and those courageous steps have enabled me to live and rejoice in those victories.

It’s truly an honor to see God, my heavenly father, work in my earthly father’s life. The man Dad is today is a crystal clear example of what happens when someone lets go of their pride and doesn’t let the world make them who it wants them to be. That has taught me HUGE lessons alone in life. After being in physical boxing matches earlier in life, my Dad is now throwing our enemy into the corner and going for a belt that lasts much longer than a few days.

A few of the things I admire most in my father are:
How he lives a life that speaks for itself and needs no admiration or applause.
His unselfishness with not expecting much in return for his efforts, except for a few new Browns hats every now and then.
Without being overly emotional, allowing others to know how much he loves them.
He is not a thrill-seeker and finds contentment in things that matter.
Not being ashamed of sharing his thoughts or concerns because others might not like them.
The way he brings joy to my mother’s life and how he enjoys spending time with her.

The list could go on of course. I praise God for showing His love to Dad and allowing me to learn from the steps He’s led him on. Thanks Dad, for being a champion in my life, and teaching me how to handle the obstacles life throws me. The fight’s not over, but you’ve trained me in the ways of the Lord!

Rock Taviano – father – Honda of America

  1. Wow–that was cool. You sure have a knack for describing people as they really are.

    My favorite lines–“He is not a thrill-seeker and finds contentment in things that matter.” and “not expecting much in return for his efforts, except for a few new Browns hats every now and then.”

    I couldn’t have picked a better father-in-law. Not in a million years. I love you, Rock.

  2. I truly believe that every bump in the road with ROCK…was for all of us.  For YOU, Gabe…were “in” them…and it molded you.  Your hands on the heart of your earthly father…kept him above water until God, HIS HEAVENLY Father.. got HIS hands around Rock’s heart.  I know that, for sure!  Many times….it was the love for his boys..that kept him in the ring.  Not even me at times, but YOU.  For that I am grateful to YOU and to GOD.

       I know there are books on sex…. (smile)….and how that bond between a husband and a wife is so vital… a relationship. I have now come to experience, after 31 years of marriage….that ” worshipping”, worshipping JESUS CHRIST….right beside and with….ROCK….out weighs any “physical bond” there could ever be !   That is the epitome….of real love.     ” ’69 Mustangs’ Rule !”

  3. “He throws our enemy in the corner.” What truth there is to that statement! He has physical and spiritual muscles!”

    He protects and loves his family with every ounce of who he is. I am thankful for in-laws that have been married 31 years and glorify Jesus Christ through their marriage. You, Rock, are an example to us that we could never match! And you have a marriage that is a beautiful example to Tug and I. You are best friends with your wife, and I pray that when Tug and I have reached our 31 years of marriage, we can still be crazy about each other and be the greatest of friends…..And thank God he made the physical realm of a marriage a beautiful way of worshipping and proclaiming the truth of Jesus and another way of throwing our enemy to the corner.

    I think, Rock, you deserve another Browns hat! God chose the perfect father-in-law for me and I am so thankful! I love you, ROCK!!! 

  4. Gabe, thanks so much for bringing Marla to us this weekend and sharing her with us!  We enjoyed your visit very much!  God bless your family!

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