Thank you guys!

Welcome to my first blog series. I’ve decided to give blogging a little more thought than usual this week. This series will be a daily focus on one of the guys listed below, and how each of them have impacted my life. I think God’s blessed us all with who He’s allowed us to live life together with. It’s my prayer that you get to know these guys a bit this week, but that I can hopefully bring glory to God by sharing our stories with you.

in no order of importance, but will blog from bottom to top

Rock Taviano – father – Honda of America

Ron Yoder – father-in-law – Honda of America

Tug Taviano – brother – Youth Pastor @ Crossroads Church in Lima, OH

Josh Yoder – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @ Shawnee Hills Baptist Church in Jamestown, OH

Stewart Peters – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @ Community Grace Brethren in West Milton, OH

Daniel Basham – brother-in-law – Youth Pastor @  Columbia Crossroads Church  in Columbia, SC

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