Temporary hope and eternal grace

You might notice the retro image on the left that has been used in the Obama campaign with the slogan of “Hope” usually beneath his photo. After hearing so much about this hope the past two years, I decided to create a poster of my own. If you’d like a much larger image of either of these, or just one, just leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

What an amazing time to be a Christ-follower. I’ve heard quite a few other believers that are choosing to focus on their relationship with God while staying confident that only His will alone is what will take place in the days to come.

What led me to create the poster of Christ were not thoughts or wishes that Obama would fail. I believe he will be successful and do good things for our country, but I’m also aware he most certainly won’t live up to most expectations or promises he has made (he’s human, and McCain wouldn’t have either). But that is the point. The change that he, or any other leader, can bring to this world is only temporary. We’re blessed beyond measure to live in this nation, and it’s time to pray that God guides him and our government and that the change that is needed does take place.

A new friend of mine shared something just this week with me that has impacted my “hopes”. In a nutshell he basically stated that as Christians we can’t really think that a leader that perfectly matches every side of every issue we’d want. There is only one who can really follow through with His promises, and whose promises have never failed through centuries of contrasting styles of leadership. That is God alone. What’s ironic, is that during this election many Christians I’ve talked to seem to be placing their hopes in things that are temporary and forgetting that there is grace that lasts eternally. Some issues that have impacted our vote are issues that are CLEARLY temporary. Our economy, environment, health care, etc. are simply things that will not last, while there are others that damage life and other things that eternal impact.

I’m extremely thankful to live in this country. May we pray for positive change and hope that this country needs. For the leaders that can “possibly” help make them happen. I’m even more thankful for a grace that goes beyond measure. How thankful I am that the truths of my God are certain and that they last.

  1. The second thing that caught my eye…was it was ( red & blue )  conservative/ liberal….. HE died for us all…..I pray we can show others HIS grace….HE is in us…and they need to see HIM in us ! 

  2. Great job of putting things in perspective!  I have reminded many people in the last week that the leadership of this country does not determine the future or eternity.  Do we need to be informed and involved…yes but we do not need to worry because God has only one plan and it trumps any of man’s plans.

  3. One of the things that bothered me about Obama’s most fervent followers from the beginning was that it seemed like they viewed him more as the savior of our nation than as a man who would be the President (a position with many powers, but many limitations too). Maybe it’s our love of immediate gratification that makes it so tempting to believe in a here-and-now savior, instead of THE Savior, whose grace is eternal. Thanks for the cool thoughts, Gabe.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your heart on this, Gabe!  You expressed JUST EXACTLY how I feel!  And I love the poster!  I love how you use your creativity to honor the Lord!  You are a blessing to my heart!:)

  5. I would love to have a copy of this graphic … when I saw people holding up their Obama sign … I felt sick. Not because of who Obama is or his race, but because people are uplifting Obama and not Jesus. I pray that this nation will return to God!

  6. Gabe, I don’t want to discuss your point of view here, you know we have different views. You know that I accept your views, even if I do not agree. There’s only one point in your post where I am strictly, absolutely against:

    “Our economy, _environment_, health care, etc. are simply things that will not last, while there are others that damage life and other things that eternal impact”

    What about your children living where you left? Since you’re living an “eternal life” somewhere else, are you allowed to treat the planet as a trashbin?

    This is no “religion”, this is just respect for the others living the “real, limited life” here on this planet. And if they decide that they wanna enjoy “just” this life, you have to preserve the planet for them. At least, IMHO.

  7. @Andrea – I don’t believe I every started recommending that Christians should just start trashing the planet or ruin the environment for people just because they are viewing their life as more eternal than just temporary. Our Creator is responsible for creating our environment, and we should do our best to respect that and also not ruin it for others for sure! This universe is a very beautiful thing, and extremely intricate (becoming more obvious that it was formed by God).

    My point regarding the environment and our “civil freedoms” becoming more important than abortion doesn’t result in completely disregarding our responsibilities. I was simply pointing out that the eternal decisions (abortion, immorality, homosexuality, etc.) are just as important, if not more important than our health care, environment and economy. All of them are important, and we should do our best to make each of them better for our children and future generations. But I don’t think this has to come at the cost of rejecting the abortion and homosexual marriage issues and just letting those fall where they may. That could easily happen in this administration, but I can only pray that God will not allow that.

  8. Happy Birthday on Xanga, Gabe.  Already been there on facebook.  How cool you have a precious little niece that will share your day with you!

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