Technology meets eternity

twotracksIf I could post one blog entry that I knew you could read when visiting my blog, this would be it. Technology Meets Eternity is my motto for everything I do (design, podcast, and now this blog). Someone recently hinted that everything I do shouldn’t always point back to God. Suggesting it was fine to not include Him in every single area of life. If God is who He says He is, then living a life like that would be a lie. I’m not suggesting a life of separation (monks, amish, etc.). After enough years of following God, it’s a bit obvious to me that those who truly love Him do include Him in every situation, decision, challenge, and celebration.

Railroad tracks can seem pretty confusing. When there’s more than one set of tracks the chaos escalates. If I had to explain life with one object, it would probably be railroad tracks. We seem to think we know where our track is going, and sometimes we even try to tell people where theirs are. The truth about the tracks is that they are both going in opposite directions. One is going to heaven and one is going to hell. There is only One who knows which track you are on.

God, and nobody else, understands why you are on the track that you are. He understands why you design websites, preach, write books, sell insurance, or whatever it is that you do. The world tries to tell you that you are on the right track, doing what you do, without God involved. My goal in life is to make it as clear as possible which track I am traveling on, and to celebrate that decision by letting everyone I know in on the fact that God made it happen and made going the other way possible. He’s also a God that lets us choose to be traveling away from Him. What kind of God would show you He loves you by only giving you a single option of loving Him? A world with one set of tracks sure would be easier, wouldn’t it?

PRAYING for a friend of our youngest daughter today. She sure is special. PRAISING God for making our path clear.

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