Take your time

Marla was chuckling last night before telling me a story I definitely had to hear. Yesterday she was driving the van and Livi was a little frustrated in the back seat –

Livi – “Hey – that person pulled out in front of us!”
Marla – “I let them pull out and get in front of us”
Livi – “Uhhhhh” (didn’t agree with that decision)

I’ll give you one guess at where she gets that road rage from, and your first choice shouldn’t be Marla. I’ve heard them complain in traffic before, which is sometimes understandable as children (not as adults, lol)……..but I haven’t heard them mimic myself while just strolling down the road. You all now know what to pray for……I seriously do have an issue, lol. For some reason I act like getting anywhere late, even if it isn’t work, will ruin life or something. I’m glad the Bible offers specific instruction on the way you should look at other people……..I’m sure none of you have this disease?

  1. Gabe….I haven’t met you yet, but I have met your family. Maybe one day I’ll meet you too! But I had to laugh at your blog. The other day my husband was trying to pull into a parking spot and an older lady was taking her good ol’ time. So, my husband exclaims, “MOVE IT GRANDMA!”. Then 5 minutes later, guess who yells out, “MOVE IT GRANDMA!”??? Eden, our 3 1/2 year old son. I guess it was better than some other things other people say! 🙂

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