Strike a pose

If I look at the photo long enough, it reminds me too often of myself many times in the past. Someone who wasn’t moving at all. Stretching myself out in new and unique ways every time the opportunity showed up. The opportunity to choose between being a Christ-follower or what I like to call a “poser”.

Playing the “I go to church” game, or even telling myself that assisting ministries is enough of an attempt with my life to follow Christ. Sometimes I’d even REALLY stretch the truth and tell myself that a few hours on Sunday was my fill of hearing from God. I still pose, but I find myself growing more and more sick of stretching into odd contortions either to fake myself or others out that I am giving all that I can.

The honest truth is that we are all posers. The answer to the fake life of a poser is when you finally wake up and realize that God doesn’t fall for your tricks. There is no limit to how much is enough for God. We all give Christ a black eye when we put our “Hello – I’m a Christian” stickers on at church on Sunday then fail to continue following Christ the other 160+ hours of the week. Or for the rest of the week even just playing nice guy or gal, or thinking that if we just don’t screw up that God will be happy.

I ask you to pray that I (or even yourself) will stop stretching and faking with our posing and walk through this week following the next challenge in life that God has for us. That could be simple things like reading or hearing God’s Word more, or it could be giving up things that we hold onto tightly for a chance to let God shine through us to the lives of others. I’m sure if we all took a few seconds, we’d see images of ourselves posing from the recent past. If it doesn’t come back to God, we’re posing.

If you want to hear me and my friend Bart discuss this posing subject more you can head over to and either listen to what leads up to the discussion or fast forward (blue audio player on Episode 45 on front page) through to the 53rd minute of the episode. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  1. ” Strike a POSE”  doesn’t seem -~ ” cool ” anymore ! I would like to tell you again, the depth of your thot process, your communication skilz…are amazing….( but then I would fear that others would think I am your Mom…)  but wouldn’t that be a ” pose” within itself ?  So, I WILL YELL IT FROM THE MTN. Tops….God left His Holy Spirit inside you to prod you to podcasts….blogs….that truly do PRICK our hearts to ponder in a spiritual thot, of  ” what does GOD want me to hear from HIM….through GABE ? ” smile.   Grillin’ chickens out for dinner…tomorrow , smile

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