Step in the basin – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 25

We’re a dirty people, and Christ’s washing of the disciples feet shows much more than just an act to help his friends clean up for the evening (John 13:8). He saw people that He cared about and became less to show them this. You can’t make someone you love feel tremendous by going out and treating yourself to some fun and excitement? How can it be any different when we look at Christ? How can we look at Him and be willing to give of what He’s blessed us with.

There are so many chances to do this. Giving of our finances when they don’t seem to be there or doing so might put us in a “rough situation”. Taking time to sit down and talk to, write an email to, or hang out with people that you usually would prefer not to. I have to keep learning that people matter, even when driving down the road and thinking that they should get out of “my way” or speed it up a bit. Life is life, and when Christ had the opportunity to live it here on earth He made the most out of it. He made the most out of it for others. Truths like this are the ones that collide with culture, and look insane to those that abuse their freedoms and the gift of life.

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