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52zooscardWe’re leaving today! Sorry Sinatra, I just had to. The girls last day of school, and when they get home we’re heading out on an insane tour. If you haven’t heard yet, my wife (blogger and author) Marla is writing a book. A project that has been only possible by God providing every step of the way. Going to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks, starting last August 1st and ending this August 1st right here at the Columbus Zoo with a party. You can RSVP for the bash, see photos, read some excerpts of the journey, and more over at

The title of this post should give you some idea where we’re heading today, or at least one of the stops! New York City! Really looking forward to taking the girls, remembering riding into town with my parents for a Yankees game when I was young. In the span of 5 days, we’re hitting these 6 zoos:

Buffalo, NY on 6/10 —– Bronx and Central Park Zoos in New York, NY on 6/11—-Philadelphia, PA on 6/12—-Washington D.C. on 6/13—-Baltimore, MD on 6/14

We’re kind of used to these insane kind of schedules by now. But one thing I am more excited about is seeing how God provides, sometimes when we don’t think it’s possible. That’s mainly what Marla’s upcoming book will be about, since our friends Jon (just created his blog two weeks ago) and Alan have already done a great job with their book reviewing zoos! If you want to keep up with what’s going on, or hang out with us at any of the zoos, be sure to go check out Marla’s blog or

PRAYING for our family to rely on God more, whether the times are easy or hard. PRAISING God for the amazing miracles we’ve witnessed through all of this.

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