Standing in His Word – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 17

As a parent, I find myself practicing counting quite a bit. When talking to either one of our three girls I usually give them the 1-2-3 treatment if something needs to change soon……I don’t count slowly either, lol. Rarely do I get to 3 without them listening and moving on it, and I’m thankful that I don’t have to count for them to listen to most of what I ask them.

I thought of this when reading about Jesus and the paralytic at Bethesda here. The paralytic was sitting there waiting on the underwater springs to cause a bubbling effect believed to heal the first to touch it after that happened. He couldn’t get there on His own. Then enters Jesus. The first thought would be that Jesus would walk over and assist the man in getting to the pool after the bubbles arrived. Who knows if the “magic bubbles” believed to be stirred by angels wings touching the water actually did heal, but Jesus wasn’t hear to play games. When Jesus asked the man if he preferred to be healed the man instantly thought of the bubbles. His mind was off of the power Jesus had to make things right.

Did Jesus have to start counting to 3 before the man trusted Him? No. He spoke and the man got up, grabbed his mat, and walked away a healed paralytic. Jesus didn’t need to give the man time to believe, but the man’s trust wasn’t there. How often do we make Jesus count to 200 before we let Him move in our lives? This example definitely challenges me to let the God work in my life whenever He wants to. He’s probably sick of me thinking that He needs to practice counting before I trust Him. As Max says in the book, “When Jesus tells us to stand, let’s stand”.

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