Sodom or Ohio?

Our pastor brought up a pretty big question this week in his sermon. Who would have ever thought that we would be voting for or against homosexual marriage in any state of the United States of America? These acts of sin were taking place in Sodom and Gomorrah and God didn’t think twice about allowing them to pay the consequences of their disobedience. We think we are so much different than them, but we are not. We can only do our part and vote for what God would want us to. Some people look straight through the immoral things and onto things like the economy, war, or even job security. Who would have ever thought we would be sent to the poles to be asked whether or not we believe sin should be allowed in society? It’s fairly obvious which president I am going to vote for…….not because I am still brainwashed from family traditions (some have that opinion), but by the obvious fact that the state one of the nominees represents has already passed a ballot for accepting to take on the identity of Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s no different now than it was then – God never changes?

  1. Gabe… your taking me way to literally.  I don’t direct any of my comments at you personally.  They are simply comments so people will provide feedback.  That is it.

    Sin is here if we “vote” for it or not.  That isn’t an option.  Sin is our nature, sin IS our society, sin is you and sin is me.  We can’t avoid it. 

    Sodom and Gamorrah was real and God allowed it to happen.  Sin always comes with consequence today as it did then. 

    You can vote for Bush.  I can vote for Bush.  My point is that God is in control.  He puts people, no matter what they believe, in positions to do His will.  No matter who wins, we have to love those that are living in sin and not alienate them.  I am great with whatever happens on 11-2.  God’s plans are bigger then the USA, I am with Him and trust His will.  God hates sin, as we should, but he loved the sinner.  I think we as Christian (including and focusing mainly on myself) have problems loving the sinner.  I am a sinner who has been saved, that is it.  No better, no worse.  Have you been to Vegas…Sodom and Gomorrah is here my friend.  We have to do our part.  That is my point.   I just want people to realize that all leaders of this world are under the rule of God.  For them or against them.

    –  JP

  2. I was just responding to your post about all of the young republicans at Grace. I also was not writing this blog to be offensive to your view. If morality is as bad as it is I think we are all entitled to our opinion, so I’m not too worried about swaying any readers to Bush’s side. Just wanted to state what I believe the issues are and let others decide for themselves. What’s odd is that the matters that I am mostly concerned about are state-level issues. It seems absurd, but the only direct impact the past presidents have had on my personal life is whether or not I received a check during tax season. Thanks for the feedback……I appreciate it mann.

  3. Sodom isn’t entirely here……you can personally practice homosexuality, but you cannot get married and have the same rights as a husband and wife couple in the state I live in? It’s a sin at the same time, but not a sin that is labeled as fine by the standards of the state law. The ban on partial-birth abortion was passed while Bush has been in office……if he weren’t that practice would be accepted today. There is a thick line we need to draw in what is practiced inside personal quarters and what is practiced there along with legal consent and rights given by the law. Where would this nation go if those rights were given to each state or even at a national level? It’s borderline pushing it…….but (if gay marriage and abortion were legal) whose to say that you would be deprived of taking office in this nation in the future if you were against gay marriage or abortion? Law is the only thing under God that is above our individual choice?

  4. I am not going to get in on you and Joe but I will have to say that in response to what you are saying that I will look at where they stand as far as moral issues, it is important. Our nation is full of sin and if I believe that someone is going to take a stand to not allow this to be accepted in our states and our government I will vote for them. I am not saying that other issues are not important and I will look at them also but I have a hard time casting a vote for someone who is going to support issues such as aportion and gay marriage.. This nation was founded on God and with each on of those we get futher and futher away from being a nation under God.  I personally feel good knowing that our president is a man of prayer, a man who will stand up for what he believes and a man who has integrity..

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