Snap and serve with Help Portrait

helpportraitLast night I had the privilege of hanging out with 6 other individuals here in Columbus. All who are going to be a part of a national service initiative on 12/12/09 called Help Portrait. That day we’re all going to do something that is pretty simple. Entering into areas of our community where we can provide free portrait photographs to those that are less fortunate. People that might not have the funds to get a professional portrait taken in recent years (if ever). Or maybe the last time their picture was taken was when they were exploited by the media? As I finish writing this blog, I’m picking up the phone and calling a food pantry / resource ministry, a center for women transitioning away from a life of prostitution, and a few friends who have connections with families that are in a transitional housing situation.

What being a part of this has already meant to me? I’ve met people that might not know Christ yet, that are portraying him in their life better than most people I see who regularly attend church. People who aren’t just interested in serving those closest to them. I’ve learned that there are many ways to serve in our communities, even with talents or gifts we enjoy, if we just open our eyes and hearts. And are humble enough to give away our time without money being the driving force. You might want to check out the site (click on Community) and see if there is a group doing this same thing in your city. If not, maybe it’s something you want to take the lead on. It’s not too late.

  1. I got to take part in this (well kind of) on thanksgiving.
    My family and another family hosted a thanksgiving banquet for the needy in our community. We fed about 300 families and had well over 200 volunteers (amazing the willingness to serve on this day). I posted this up on the help portrait site looking to see if any photogs were interested in taking part of this gathering and shooting some pics for the families that were coming to the meal.
    I had a guy express interest and so we set up a shoot for him and took well over 100 pictures of families on Thanksgiving day and then printed the pictures for them there on the spot.
    It was pretty cool.

  2. janelle

    How inrredible…how creative…it kind of stops you, cause who thot of this ? Such a new concept – yet so simple …

  3. Emily

    I LOVE this idea! What a great way to show God’s love to those less fortunate.

    I have lots of connections with the homeless population in Columbus and I’m a photographer so let me know if there is any way I can help!

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