Short of fulfillment

My “career” has been full of twists and turns. But there’s no other answer to that than to admit that must be how God had it planned. I’ve gone through many changes, and am honestly still uneasy with where I am. Because I don’t think God is finished. I’ve had many people, after hearing that 90% of my self-employment work is with churches and non-profits, hint that they wish they could be doing what I do. I am blessed beyond measure, but I’m just not fulfilled.

There is a need for people like me to be behind the scenes, making other ministries work. People building websites for organizations, running cables and lights for musicians to perform, assistants taking calls because others are busy “doing the work”, etc. Iif we fail to fulfill Matthew 25:40, then what good was our own service? If we’re always supporting another person / organization that is actually serving, and we’re just helping them serve……what does God think of that? And that’s what leaves me unfulfilled. I can make lots of websites for churches and organizations which empower them to serve, but I believe God wants my service to be hands-on and serve others myself.

It’s been a pleasure to assist other ministries, but just because it’s “ministry work” doesn’t make it fulfilling I guess? What I do know is that I’m not going to stop until I can lay my head down at night knowing that I personally sought to serve the least of these. Churches and organizations might need better design or websites, but when I serve them am I serving the least of these? These are the thoughts that are running through my head and heart. God has a story to write in each of our lives, and I need to let Him turn the next page. When was the last time you saw / let him turn a page in your life?

PRAYING that my desire to reach others far outshines my desire to just “be of service”. PRAISING God for using each of our stories to encourage and nudge others towards Him

  1. God knows the desires of your heart. I’ve been praying that He will give you some neat opportunities for hands-on service. Thanks for being faithful in what he has entrusted you with right now.

  2. Gabe. I fully believe that God just wants a humble, surrendered, and willing heart. In spending the few hours chatting with you I can totally see that in you. God has given tech guys like us a talent and passion for a reason. When you help a 55 year old who knows very little about computer they are at that point and in that subject “the least of these”. I think it is a servant heart he is after. I see you using this talent directly for His kingdom and I imagine he is pleased. If he is putting service of the poor, hungry and sick on your heart he might have a move for you or a different mission in the future.

    Keep seeking His will.

  3. Gabe,

    It’s funny that I am reading this at this time. I too a Designer, have struggled in the same exact way, balancing what God has given me for Kingdom Business, while indeed in a supportive capacity. Recently (in the last 6 months) I have experienced a huge shift in my work. I have started looking at Design in a much bigger way, and removing from my mind what I really thought design was and started looking at what it authentically is.

    I recommend to you the book “Change by Design” and I suggest to you that you look at design from a much broader perspective. As a designer, perhaps you are supposed to design a systematic way to get water to third world countries, OR perhaps, redesign how church is done all together?

    Design Thinker first…

    Be forever blessed.

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