Saks Fifth Avenue

Not sure why I chose to start blogging again with this topic, but I might as well start somewhere. We were walking through Saks Fifth Avenue (the Polaris Mall in Columbus) last night – obviously on our way THROUGH the store without any stops. I had never really paid much attention to the products in the larger department stores in the malls……I usually just get through them and get to the smaller specialty shops. Last night this orange t-shirt caught my eye in the SFA store so I decided to take 5 seconds and bend over to see how much a plain t-shirt was……….$115………WHAT IN THE NAME – DID THEY PUT THE WRONG TAG ON THIS THING? It’s just a regular t-shirt……unless they used some scientific cotton to make the thing – I can’t see it being worth more than $20 at the most! That just threw the evening for a loop……….of course I talked about it more than a dozen times the rest of the night. Sorry to all of you that might shop there, or places like that……..but what in the world is the reasoning behind buying something from there compared to a colored t-shirt at Wal-Mart or something if you really wanted one?

That discussion led onto the discussion about this culture and why there is a need of inflation every year. We discussed why it costs more each year to go to college, buy gas, or do anything for that matter – while all of that stuff really hasn’t gotten that much better while the cost has risen. Why do the colleges need to add all of the facilities? And with gas, the only reason gas needs to go up is as a result of people having to make money off of it to pay for all of the other expensive stuff. I guess my answer to it all is that the things of this world will continue to become more “desirable” if people are stupid enough to really feel like they have to have them? Until Christ returns my plan is to enjoy life, but not bend over backwards to make sure it enjoys me. Let me know if you find a 95% off coupon for Saks Fifth Avenue……I might consider getting that orange shirt then.

  1. for a hundred and fifteen dollars, that shirt should be able to cook me breakfast too……or maybe Virginia Tech is huring for money(do to their football team) so they had to raise the price of that shirt!

  2. Ok..So I’m bored in class.  Clearly the shirt was made in America.  Had it been made in China the cost might be 100$ cheaper and strangely be a higher quality.

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