Resurrection Eggs

It’s hard for people to understand fasting or giving things up for the Lord. I’ve joked with a few that some people often brag when they are fasting or struggle with keeping it between them and Christ alone. Or maybe some try to point out that you’re not “all that” until you’ve seen Christ how I have. That’s not what fasting, lent, or any of that is all about.

The past 40 days have been a challenge, and has brought more of a clear focus into my own life in regard to the cross. I didn’t take part in Lent just to boast about me being able to only drink water, or just to feel like a true believer (that I fit in and can do the Jesus talk). I did it so that I could remember the steps Christ walked leading up the cross. The steps He took for the many days before, not just the morning of or the happy feeling we remember on Sundays. Last night at the Good Friday service I was reminded again of how pretty we make Jesus look. Like bunnies, beautiful dresses and pastel eggs help us focus on the cross. Sure, the resurrection was the biggest moment, but it wasn’t pretty until it was over. All of the flowered feelings weren’t meant to be felt leading up to the empty tomb.

People coming to church one day out of the year to break open a small piece of their heart doesn’t concern me……it’s the other 364 days of the year that matter just as much. For it to matter to God that His Son’s blood was spilled all over the earth that day, I had to matter to Him. You had to matter to Him. You not just coming to a building once a year matters to Him. Your heart, time, thoughts, finances, children and life matter to Him.

Drinking water for 40 days has changed my vision, but just doing that hasn’t brought Gabe closer to Christ. Someone reminded me last night that Gabe is no better than Judas. Gabe has betrayed Christ. Gabe has stood at a place where he knew about the cross and chose to turn away and give his focus on something else. Gabe has a relationship with Christ, but he’s also given Christ up when it sometimes mattered most. Gabe might as well have been the one kissing Christ and handing Him over to those that could care less about his King.

Today I want to thank God for some candy that doesn’t melt the Monday after Easter. I’m very thankful to be on a journey of knowing how Christ can mean more to me. For Him and His blood on the cross to be something I seek after. It’s a challenge to want our prize to be the cross. To open up the eggs we search for in life and wanting to only find Jesus there.

Thanks Jesus. Every time I drink water now I’ll think of you. Maybe even when I slip in a Coke too?

  1. I did a fast for Lent, too… and it truly did set my mind on Christ “not seeing equality with God something to be grasped,” how much He gave up so that we could have life. It was humbling to think that anything I could possibly give up is so small…

    Thanks for sharing your experience and what it meant to you!

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