Removing freedom

I received two e-mails tonight that have really put me in the mood to celebrate this 4th of July! This culture’s problems aren’t things we have to blog about to stir up controversy and force anger into the hearts of people…… things just pop up every day! I think there were two events in history that are capable of giving everyone the options of freedom and ignorance. Christ’s death on the cross for our eternal freedom and the many lives it cost for us to receive temporary freedom in this nation. The first is celebrated by Christians every day of the year (funny how people think Christmas is the only day we party) and the other for just one day in the beginning of July. Amazing how death can be so controversial?

God knew what He was doing by allowing His Son to die on a cross. The cross is a symbol and a symbol triggers something in your soul no matter whether you like it or not. Our buddies over at the ACLU don’t think it’s enough to try to rip the 10 commandments God gave us from prominent buildings……they’re now getting really angry! They want to remove the crossess from our national cemeteries. You think the symbol of the cross has anything to do with that? Amazing what true freedom will do to people! You can help by visiting this site and at least letting those in power hear you out?

If that wasn’t enough, a lifelong friend of mine (the Pepsi company, lol) has decided to remove the two words “under God” from their advertisements on cans this weekend to make sure they don’t offend anyone! Hello – are agnostics the only people who drink Pepsi these days? If I weren’t into being more healthy these days I’d be buying Coke by the case! F-R-E-A-K…S-H-O-W…this is almost worth laughing at. Would the tribulation just begin so they can try to force us into applying for the mark of the beast already? Thank God for water!

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