Reach out and touch someone

AT&T might not have realized how much power was behind their motto quite a few years back. This world has done quite a bit to create an atmosphere where all we care about is what or who can service us or what we can attain. It’s even gotten to the point where today’s church is numb to reaching out to those in the community, but has no problem with doing all it can to service itself. I wonder what people would have thought of Christ if He spent all of His time with the 12 disciples that followed him most frequently.

Is it hard to see that many people would not have been impacted if He would have chosen to take those 12 men and spend His life only focused on them. What if those 12 men would have had a good amount of money, or maybe were businessmen that could hook Christ up with whatever He needed? Sometimes I wonder where people’s hearts are these days when they gather in churches across the world. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go to church……it clearly illustrates that God created us to share in our fellowship and learning together (as the parts of a human body work together). There isn’t a shield that protects us from being selfish once we walk in the doors of a church. I think it could be that some simply get lost in the business of making a church look so good from the inside that they might forget what it looks like from the outside?

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