Radical stewardship and video games

I got an email this evening that blew me away. It was a radio spot from my wife’s uncle, Rod Robison. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you readers had either seen him perform as a mentalist (mental illusionist) or heard him on Family Life Radio.

Back to the email he sent over. Some of you might remember my previous posts, Grow Up Already and Two Retired Video Gamers, from earlier this year. My addiction to playing video games was real, and SO many others deal with it as well (and some can tame it – or at least say so). For some reason, God chose to open my eyes to the reality that it was nothing short of idolatry.

This message isn’t a message for parents – to bash their teenagers or for wives to bash their husbands with – it’s for the individual that struggles to tame the addiction. The individual that can’t honestly admit that they aren’t glorifying God through one of the things that consumes a majority of their free time. I truly believe Rod hit the nail on the head in the radio spot – stewardship really is radical and is rarely an easy thing. It really does take genuine and radical stewardship to listen to God, especially when He’s helping you deal with something that has rooted itself so deep in your life. All I ask is that you listen to it, maybe even twice, and give it some prayer and meditation if you or someone close to you is struggling with it.


PRAYING that each of us is able to find new ways of becoming a radical steward of the life God’s given us. PRAISING God for breaking me, and then using that as a testimony of His love.

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