Pray for a friend

Please take time today and tomorrow to pray for a fellow blog contributor in the family. A few months ago Stef found out that he has Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Tomorrow he will be going in for his first surgery where the doctor will look around inside and do a little exploring to see where the cancer really is. He is going to take the primary tumor out of the colon and as much of his colon as he deems necessary. He is also going to take out the omentum. And if he sees cancer anywhere else, he is going to remove that as well. After he is done with all of that, he is going to bathe the remaining organs in direct chemo. This will help fight any remaining cancer that he cannot remove. Please join the AC180 family and lift Stef and his family up in prayer. Thanks!

  1. Imagine my surprise, (or maybe even lack of!) to see some friends from church on your web site!  Sandi, (Stef’s wife) has Hannah in nursery, and since I spend a lot of time with Hannah, I’ve gotten the priviledge of knowing Sandi.  She’s real, and a real sweetheart.

    Thank you for adding to their prayer warriors for Stef.  We have people signed up to pray throughout the day TODAY every 20 mins.  The longer the surgery the better.  I’m praying at 4.  Well, now too, but I’m going to be very purposed and focused at 4!

    Thank you again.  I know they are thankful too!   Love you guys!

    Can I say thank you just one more time?  It’s really touched me to see this here.  Thanks Gabe.

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