Off to the Wild Wild West

lincolnparkIt’s been a wild journey, following our wild God as He’s led us through the first 40 of our 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks. We head out before dawn tomorrow morning for 11 zoos in 15 days, then back to Ohio for our final zoo here in Columbus, OH on August 1st. You can see our itinerary (and map) on the site. It’s been a stretch that has been exciting, challenging, difficult, tiring, and maybe 100 more adjectives. I’d list them all, but I have to get to bed soon!

We were initially going to drive out to Nebraska and back, then fly out to California. We made a decision to save a good amount of money and just extend the Nebraska trip out to San Diego, California. Might sound insane, but it is our plan to drive 33 hours……..and back. At least it won’t be the same road both ways. I’m looking forward to coming through Salt Lake City, Utah – seeing the Grand Canyon – and swinging back through Arizona and the southwest.

We (myself and Marla) will be tweeting while on the road, so you can probably keep up with us a bit more there than here while we’re gone. I’m really looking forward to blogging more about what this has done for our family. I guess Marla will probably do a fine job at that in that book she’s writing about all of this. Only God could make something like this happen, and I look forward most to seeing how He gets us through this big journey. Off to bed for 5 hours! I’m not a good rider in the van, and have took it as a challenge to drive every mile. When we return I’ll be sure to give you a final total of the mileage from the entire year’s journeys, LOL.

PRAYING that our girls will have an awesome two weeks seeing more of what God has created. PRAISING God for finding a way to provide enough funds hours before we leave on these trips!

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