Obama’s Death Sentence

The title might seem a bit awkward, but I think I’ll leave it. I haven’t blogged in a while, with lots going on. I’ll share soon about the opportunity to share at PodCamp Ohio, but thought I’d just shoot up a quick poem this morning to get back up and running. It might be confusing, but it was quick and hopefully challenges all of us as we think about the coming election. At the moment I’m not so sure I’ll be voting. I’ll follow God’s Word and definitely live according to the laws we’ve been given and those who are leading us now. If anyone has some scripture that speaks on the demand of voting, please send it my way. To me, voting is a vital way for us to share our beliefs, and just doing it for the lesser of two evils doesn’t sound appealing to me. I could end up voting, but for now…….it’s a wild position for a Christ-follower to be in eh?

Obama’s Death Sentence
a poem on abortion by Gabe Taviano

46 years ago
your story begins
a mother and father
there to welcome you in

we’ve heard you describe them
as being detached from the Lord
one atheist, one detached
but you were good to the poor

God’s grace brought me here
and for that I am proud
my mother’s friend would request
that my life not be allowed

imagine the murder
if a doc took a stand
for either you or for I
was no place in this land

a land you look to guide
as our leader one day
you say you’re a Christian
so please show us the way

you’d sure like our vote
with a mixed message you share
come one and come all
but who does have your care

these next four years
or could there be eight
don’t murder their future
it’s also bright as they wait

it’s sure my desire
a clear message to hear
please make up your mind
to not vote I do fear

  1. God’s grace did bring you here………… and how many other ” GABE’s”  have died or will diem, ” without a funeral ” ?  I thank the LORD for HIS hand on YOUR life, both then and now !

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