Notes from John Maxwell event

I was able (along with Kary Oberbrunner) to attend John Maxwell’s Leadership Forum event last night at his alma mater, Ohio Christian University, in Circleville, OH.

I’ll post some thoughts I had tomorrow here on the blog after being at the event, but I thought I would share the notes I took from what he shared with you.

10 things to consider when “In The Face of Adversity”:

  1. Face reality just as it is. In sports, you can’t hide the scoreboard. When Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl win, he got the rest of the team to believe.
  2. Chase your dreams. In the beginning, dreams are free. You have to bet on yourself to make your dream come true.
  3. Continue to persevere. Dreams don’t just happen. If you “just believe it”, you can’t achieve it.
  4. Nourish your relationships. We are either a plus or a minus in people’s lives. You’re either a taker or a giver.
  5. Be passionate about what you’re doing. That’s how you turn things around. You’ve never seen a passionate person without energy. Going uphill takes more energy. I know people who are dead, they just haven’t made it official yet. In good times, plan for bad times.
  6. Make good choices. Choices that will help in the long run. There’s a choice you have to make in all you do, and in the end, the choice makes you. All of us are either going into, in, or coming out of an issue in life.
  7. Learn from bad experiences. You can either learn from your failures or leave them.
  8. Value those around you. Be willing to ask for help.
  9. Make it happen. The natural tendency during difficult times is to freeze. The book ends of success are the ability to start something and finish it. The fastest people don’t always win, it’s the people that start first (over supper John guaranteed Gail Devers he could beat her in 100 yard dash…..then informed her the deal required he get an 80 yard head start).
  10. Watch your attitude. A bad attitude is totally your choice. The only person that makes me happy, is me.
  1. Claudia Porpiglia

    A number of these could be linked to Biblical principles but without those principles included, these are just more “self-help” tips.

    God has given a life guide that contains all we need to know to walk out our time on this planet…turning to His wisdom trumps all else!

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