Not too busy

Weird – weird – weird past few months. New child. New job. New house (soon to be). New eating habits. New time to wake up. Getting tired more often. New surroundings. Actually exercising very frequently. House showings out the wazoo – and some of those interested being grown adults who bring their parents along to make the decision for them (I won’t write one more word about that……Satan would love to pounce all over this blog). I haven’t been too much into change in the past, and I really wish I could complain about everything that is going on. Instead I think many of the things in the list are things God has used to mold me and my family for the better.

I will share two things I am VERY, VERY excited about, and might be a little more open than some would care for.

1. We get to find a new home church in a few weeks after we move to the Columbus area. This is something that just excites me to death. I know there isn’t a perfect church, even in areas like Columbus that have so many to offer. I do know that God will give us a place where we can engage in ministry / outreach opportunities, can share life with close friends, allow our kids to grow closer to the Lord in very important stages of life, and the list God has already filled out could go on and on. I know without a doubt that this will be a great transition for us and will keep you posted fairly soon.

2. God has moved me from working full-time at home to working in a corporate environment. I still have opportunities to assist ministries through technology on the side, but sense that God is shifting things and wants to use me and technology to really reach the unsaved market more. It wasn’t really clear to me how He wanted to do this a few weeks ago, but since then things have really changed quickly. I have been listening to podcasts (30 minute – 1 hour recordings / radio style shows on my iPod) the last few months while driving to and from work.

It’s basically a new technology that lets anyone record and store their own show on the internet and people can download it for free. Some people are even starting to do video podcasts, but that is definitely something I do not want to mess with. The audio podcasts are derived from every type of information you can think of. Just like radio and television. There are pastors sharing sermons, chefs sharing health and recipe tips, major television networks and radio stations entering the mix, and of course explicit and censored material like you get on the internet, radio, television, and everywhere else on the face of the planet.

I have been putting money aside to save up for a new computer (and making the switch to Apple on this one), and this didn’t hit me until after that started. After listening to some of the technology podcasts and also mostly to the podcasts, I sense that there is such a huge void being left with potential for great impact for the Lord. I’ve used the slogan “technology meets eternity” in the past and have actually purchased and am designing a site at (yes – it can be confused with the band “Godsmack”). For the first time in my life I can sense God working in ways I could not have dreamed of. Once the site is finished I will be hosting a weekly podcast (downloadable to your computer or iPod) for listening purposes.

My plan is to start scheduling the “show” in three sessions to follow my slogan. The first 5-10 minutes will be spent on reviewing technology and how God can and is using that (very, very broad range of topics of conversation available). The second 5-10 minutes will be spent interviewing someone via phone or audio chat (could range from pastors, friends, technology experts, etc – very broad options again). The third and final 5-10 minutes will be spent with a focus on eternity and how technology needs to adapt with that being the goal. This last session will include a focus on Bible study, listeners prayer requests, current events, etc. (possibly could be very broad too). So that’s kind of how I am hoping to make the “technology – meets – eternity” slogan become a literal thing. Please pray that God continues to push me forward and praise Him for bringing this opportunity about. Talking about excited – just ask my wife if she can feel the steam blowing out of my ears?

Thanks for reading this far if you have made it! Being busy isn’t so bad after all is it?

  1. wow…………………………Gabe,  maybe it is me…..but you know what I think about YOUR insight, your thoughts…how they tear apart ” todays society” and take them to ” this is what the Soverign LORD says”….I won’t even try to think how GOD is going to use you…..WHAT AN AMAZING CONCEPT …that will turn to an outreach like we have no idea of !  I will pray that GOD opens the flood gates….and lets many unsaved listen on their way to work, because of the “technology” part and then the Holy Spirit will speak to them……….changed lives…………………….this is Spiritually Amazing.

  2. There is definitely steam blowing out of your ears, but that’s a good thing. I’m super excited for you and this new venture!

  3. Looking forward to checking it out. . . although I’m not so much into audio media, but those topics are things I feel I need to be on top of. Any plans for transcripts? 😉

  4. Most podcasts have what are called “shownotes”, so I plan on starting with that from the beginning. Those basically list out any links that the reader could visit that were mentioned during the podcast. You can kind of see how they work on the site below each of the episodes. I am going to be utilizing an e-mail list for podcast updates and will add you to it. The audio will also be available as just an mp3 link for those people that are iPod-less. Thanks for asking!

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